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Mixologist Special


Sunset Grill bar offers a quartet of cocktails inspired by local ingredients in the community as well as classic cocktails with a modern twist. The unique cocktails enjoy the distinction of not just being from Hong Kong but the Lantau community itself using lap cheong, local honey and Tai O dried shrimp oil. Each handcrafted presentation is shaken or stirred to perfection and created to draw the drinker in visually.

  • Meet the Mixologist – Lloyd Lumabi

    Born and raised in Hong Kong, with a warm and friendly personality, Lloyd is The Head Mixologist of Sunset Grill and has worked in the Beverage Industry for
    15 years.  

    Nominated Top 25 Hong Kong & Macau Bartenders as identified by Drinks World Asia, Lloyd has completed numerous cocktail competitions and achieved 3rd Runner up for Marriott International Cocktail Competition 2016, Greater China, organized by Summergate X Marriott.  Lloyd's creativity has elevated the Sheraton Tung Chung to be known for its Zero Proof cocktails as well as locally sourced cocktails which can certainly add some epic innovative flare for your dining experience.

  • Mui Wo Sour
    Locally Sourced

    Mui Wo Sour

    Butter Washed Gin, Citrus, Organic Honey from Mui Wo, Espumas, Honeycomb Toffee

    A twist on the classic Bee's Knees cocktail with the key element being our very own Lantau honey and butter washed gin. Washing the gin with butter removes some of the harsher elements yet adds flavour and texture to the gin creating a creamy and smoother gin cocktail.

  • Lavender Guava Colada
    Signature Cocktails

    Modern Classic

    There are thousands of classic cocktails which have survived the test of time. Our mixologists have taken inspiration from these, tweaked, enhanced and customised them making them exclusive to Sunset Grill for you to enjoy!

  • Jungle Bird
    Signature Cocktails

    Elevated Mocktails

    It's been nearly one hundred years since the Prohibition in the USA was repealed, people have been very creative and excited to experiment with cocktails since the lift of the ban. Many classics have been created after this period. Mocktails for people who do not like to ingest alcohol have long been regarded as not important. At Sunset Grill we have taken mocktails to heart and we want to bring you new and interesting non-alcoholic drinks which use advanced culinary techniques and unique flavor pairings similar to the approach we took in our cocktail section of the menu.